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Cross-Media Cookbook: A Sales Primer

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Determine which of your customers are potential buyers of cross-media services and what strategies and techniques will be effective in selling these services. 

Easily qualify potential customers, evaluate their needs, develop and propose solutions, and close sales.

Walk through the best practices on cross-media selling — from positioning your company in the marketplace to explaining and presenting new services, conducting introductory meetings and giving presentations.
Cross-Media Cookbook: A Sales Primer will lead you from providing cross-media services to selling them profitably.  
Price: $39.95



Table Of Contents

•  Understanding Business Development
•  Transitioning to Consultative Selling
•  Marketing Your Business
•  Understanding the Sales Process
•  Defining a Sales Strategy
•  Conducting a Needs Assessment
•  Developing a Proposal
•  Giving Presentations
•  Closing the Deal
•  Sample Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Needs Assessment Document and Proposal

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