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Cross-Media Cookbook: A Start-Up Primer

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Bridge the gap between existing print services and new cross-media services, and quickly incorporate cross-media services into your business and leverage digital information into improved profits.

With a strong cross-media start-up plan, see how you can successfully execute these new service offerings, demonstrate their value by tying your sales to quantifiable benefits for your customer, present and position them to your customers in a meaningful way, and close the deal.
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Table Of Contents

•  An Industry in Transition
•  Rethinking the Market
•  A New Look at Customers
•  Building a Bridge to Cross-Media Publishing
•  Preparing for Cross-Media Publishing
•  The Importance of Financial Responsibility
•  Build, Buy, Partner, or Acquire?
•  Building Interactive Services
•  Building the Cross-Media Team
•  Building the Cross-Media Workspace
•  The New Language of Sales

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