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Customer Service in the Printing Industry

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Using examples culled from his more than 40 years in the graphic arts industry, Richard E. Colbary provides a practical training tool for building the customer service resources and internal cohesion that will enable those firms that take advantage of it to grow and prosper.
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In the highly competitive, service-driven printing industry, day-to-day interaction with the client is not only necessary but in fact is key to favorably differentiating the printer from its competitors.

Good customer service is accomplished only when people from all departments in a company—from sales to estimating to manufacturing—have been trained to understand each other’s problems better, work together, and maintain a smooth workflow.

In Customer Service in the Printing Industry, Richard E. Colbary looks at how companies can provide value to their clients by establishing a strong company-wide customer-care philosophy.

He examines the crucial areas of training, communication, and team building and addresses the role each department plays in offering a customer-friendly environment where service has the same importance as the product produced.

Table Of Contents

•  Understanding the Customer’s Point of View
•  The Sales Department and Customer Care
•  Estimating
•  The Customer Service Representative
•  Training CSRs to Assure Success
•  Communication Techniques
•  Providing Value
•  Production Management
•  Scheduling Work
•  Team Building
•  Putting It All Together

About the Author

Richard E. Colbary is vice president of the Graphic Arts Training Council, Los Angeles, California. He has 40 years of hands-on experience in the graphic arts industry, and has served the last 30 of those in production and customer service management for firms in Southern California. Colbary currently concentrates exclusively on writing and teaching.

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