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Very Last Designer's Guide to Digital, On-Demand, and Variable-Data Color Printing

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This concise, easy-to-understand book by industry experts David Clark and Frank J. Romano explains why digital presses do not reproduce images in the same way a conventional press does and why it is important to tailor designs specifically for the digital press in order to maximize the quality of the finished piece—whether it be an on-demand textbook, a series of personalized brochures, or a variable-data direct-mail marketing piece.
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Table Of Contents

•  Printing Issues
•  Digital Printing vs. Conventional Printing
•  Spots, Dots, and Pixels
•  Variable Printing Hardware
•  Image Issues
•  Color Issues
•  Paper Issues
•  Typography and Text Issues
•  Variable-Data Workflow Issues
•  Database Issues • Preflighting Issues
•  Design Issues
•  Format Issues
•  Desktop Applications
•  Variable-Data Success Stories
•  The Ten Rules for Digital Printing Design

About the Authors

Frank J. Romano is chair of the RIT School of Printing Management & Sciences, author of 35 books on graphic arts technology, and teaches digital printing and publishing.

David Clark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in printing management from the RIT School of Printing and is now a candidate for a Master of Science degree in electronic publishing also from RIT.

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