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Incentive, Bonus, and Recognition Programs in the Printing Industry

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To gather this valuable information, graphic arts firms of various types and sizes across the United States and Canada were invited to share the actual plans that are in place for their employees.

Sample plans in this report include those focusing on safety, waste-reduction, quality, and departmental/plant-wide incentives, as well as individual incentive or bonus compensation plans for executives, departmental managers/directors, sales managers, salespeople, sales assistants, and customer service representatives.

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This book is organized in several sections so you can easily find the type of plan you are looking for by subject, and in some cases a variety of approaches to the same type of plan are offered.

General company demographics (company size, primary graphic arts business, processes performed, location, and more) are offered with each plan so the reader can gauge how they may relate to their own company.

Additionally, several appendix sections include guidelines for plan implementation and evaluation, common plan elements, sample language, sales compensation plans, and insight into calculating overtime and bonuses.

Table Of Contents



Incentive and Bonus Plans:

  • Safety Incentive ImprovementProductivity/Waste Reduction
  • Production Tracking Accuracy Bonus
  • Gainsharing
  • Employee Referral
  • Profit Sharing
  • Sales Commission

    Bonus Plans:

  • Executive Bonus Plan  
  • CSR Bonus Plan
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus Plan

    Recognition Plans:

  • Safety
  • Misc. Recognition and Award Plans
  • Spot Recognition Awards
  • Employee of the Month / Year
  • Attendance Awards
  • Service Awards
  • Special Recognition Awards


  • Appendix A. Plan Design, Implementation, and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Appendix B. Elements of a Plan Document
  • Appendix C. Sample Language to Consider
  • Appendix D. Calculating Overtime Pay: The "Regular Rate of Pay" and Exempt/Non-Exempt Status
  • Appendix E. Calculating Overtime and Bonuses
  • Suggested Readings
  • Additional Information

    Other Resources