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Cover Image for Basics of Print Production (2nd Edition) by Mary Hardesty
Basics of Print Production (2nd Edition)

Basics of Print Production (2nd Edition)

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There is more to planning a printed job than just specifying the number of colors, quantity, finished size, and format. In 12 chapters, Basics of Print Production covers an array of valuable information, such as:

  • Developing preliminary and final specifications for a print project
  • Determining the size and format for a printed piece
  • Acquiring, scanning, and proofing photographs and other images for a project
  • Building the digital mechanical
  • Printing, binding, and finishing the printed piece
  • Packing and shipping the finished piece to its destination
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Whether it is a hard cover novel, a flyer in a retail store or your Sunday newspaper, behind every printed piece there are dozens of important decisions required to make sure it delivers the intended message.
Basics of Print Production provides an overview of the steps required to make a creative concept into a printed piece. Being aware of the basics of a process helps everyone who is involved recognize the time and cost factors as well as the influence of each decision or step on the overall process.

This book provides the reader with practical tips and guidelines on each step in the production process.

As an added bonus to show the effect of paper on the printed piece, an image and surface comparison section shows the same images printed on several grades of paper.

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