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Diversifying with Mailing & Fulfillment Services: Unlocking Hidden Profit Potential

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Add value for your customers by designing and producing mail with postal regulations and discounts in mind, and learn how to build a profitable mailing and fulfillment service that complements and fuels your existing print business.
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Table Of Contents

•  Introduction to Mail Services
•  USPS Mail Classes and Presorting
•  Mail Piece Design
•  Mail Production Equipment
•  Additional Mail Production Considerations
•  Databases and Mail Lists
•  Fulfillment Equipment, Space and Systems
•  Assessing the Competitive Environment for Mailing and Fulfillment
•  Selling Mail and Fulfillment Services
•  Costing and Pricing
•  Mailing and Fulfillment Services
•  Outsourcing
•  PAVE: The Four Keys to Successful Mailing and Fulfillment

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