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Diversifying with Value-Added Services: Unlocking Hidden Profit Potential

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Realize the profit potential that is hidden in your business by identifying and implementing value-added services as profit-generating opportunities and increase the range of solutions that you provide to your customers.
With Diversifying with Value-Added Services, learn exactly what are value-added services, which services are the most profitable, and which ones make the most sense to offer.

Discover what capital investment is required, what the value is for customers, and how you should get started, and learn how to sell non-traditional services to customers who are used to seeing you as "just a printer".
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Table Of Contents

•  Prepress Services and Customer Training
•  Graphic Design and Creative Services
•  Web Design and Interactive Media
•  Large-format Printing
•  Customized Email Programs
•  Digital-asset Management
•  Variable-data Printing and 1:1 Marketing
•  Mailing Operations
•  Fulfillment and Distribution

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