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Flexography Primer

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This book presents all of the concepts, vocabulary, technologies, trade practices, workflows, and current applications associated with flexography.
It is ideal for educators, students, graphic artists, marketing professionals, customers and anyone who needs a fundamental background in this printing process.
Diagrams, charts, and photographs clarify the text, and a glossary aids in more accurate communication.
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Flexography is a printing process that has come of age.

Named for the flexible printing plates it employs, flexo provides outstanding quality and superior performance for many printing applications.

It is especially popular today in the packaging industry and enjoys expanding market opportunities.

Table Of Contents

•  The Printing Processes
•  The World of Flexography
•  Pattern Offset Gravure
•  Various Workflows in Flexography
•  The Anilox Roll
•  The Image Carrier
•  Plate Mounting
•  Inks
•  Flexographic Presses
•  Applications as Systems
•  Design Considerations
•  The Industries
•  Substrates
•  In-Line Converting
•  Trends and the Future

About the Author

J. Page Crouch received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from San Diego State University, where he then taught for two years before beginning his doctoral work at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He joined the Clemson faculty in 1968, where he led the development of the school’s graphic communications program, supported by a strong and committed team.

He has authored numerous articles on a wide variety of print and print education topics. He has served as a board member of the Flexographic Technical Association and the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association, and is a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology.

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