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Frontline Supervision Primer

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Graphic arts supervisors face a vast array of managerial issues every day.

Beyond its look at the traits, roles, and dilemmas faced by supervisors, this primer offers ways for production supervisors to become better at their jobs and help upper management enhance the roles of their supervisors.

In a down-to-earth tone, Don Merit's "how-to" guide to production management explores this broad range of familiar problems (from hiring good supervisors and training to delegation, clear communication, and handling grievances) and provides practical ways to deal with them.
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Table Of Contents

•   Selecting a Supervisor
•   The Right Kind of Supervisor
•   A Supervisor’s Job Description
•   Worrying About Being Popular
•   Supervising versus Working
•   Stop Wasting Time
•   Do Less, Accomplish More
•   Hiring the Right People
•   A Proper Start for New Employees
•   What to Expect from Your Workers
•   Performance Evaluations
•   Improving Job Performance
•   Proper Rules Properly Enforced
•   Handling Grievances
•   Making Yourself Precisely Understood
•   Cutting Down on Costly Idle Time

About the Author

Don Merit is a nationally recognized consultant in printing management, production, and estimating. He spent many years in managerial positions with some of the finest printing plants in the New York City area. During these years he worked closely with customers, designers, and salespeople helping to budget, engineer, schedule, and carry out complex printing projects.

As a director of production and estimating, he was deeply involved in the tough problems printers face every day. Since 1983, he has worked as a consultant to both commercial and in-plant printing firms in all parts of the country.

He is a non-resident consultant for the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), and a member of the Graphic Arts Advisory Network of the Association of Graphic Communications, the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area affiliate of Printing Industries of America (PIA).

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