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Social Media Field Guide

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With a myriad of books and articles on social media, and commentators and pundits taking a snipe at the topic, what makes Social Media Field Guide different and needed?

You've told us — through phone call inquiries at Printing Industries, questions at conferences, seminars, and surveys — that you want a concise primer on the topic of social media.

Something like ... a field guide!
Price: $44.00



Those leaders, like you, indicated they are seeking:

    •   A basic overview of the social media universe
    •   Customer engagement through social media
    •   Information about available methods and tools
    •   Insight as part of the 91% of leading printers who recognize social media is not going away
    •   Potential company direction and strategies
    •   Guidelines and focus for their company's marketing strategy
    •   Practical applications that will solidify your presence in social media
    •   Help to clarify your path in the online world of social media

You'll learn why you should be using social media ... how to start ... navigating the social media channels ... proven tips ... and real-world examples.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 — The Lay of the Land: Take a Look Around You!

Chapter 2 — Why Make the Journey?

Chapter 3 — Starting the Trek

Chapter 4 — Navigating the Social Media Channels

Chapter 5 — Tips for Social Media Travelers

Chapter 6 — Social Media Road Trip

Appendix — contains information on the social media integration of five vertical markets; a list of blogs, books and sites for further exploration; a request for proposal (RFP) template; and a glossary of terms

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