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Strategic Sales Management

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Build a stronger sales team in order to fulfill the changing demands of print buyers. With Strategic Sales Management, learn how to maintain a motivated and professional print sales staff and meet corporate sales and profit objectives.
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Table Of Contents

•  Key Changes in Print Sales Management
•  Balancing Sales Management and Personal Selling
•  What Salespeople Need from Their Sales Managers
•  Secrets to Gaining Support and Respect
•  Ideal Sales Meetings
•  Hiring Successful Print Sales Talent
•  Effective Sales Report Training
•  Goals!
•  Effective Prospecting, Advertising and Marketing Systems
•  Automating the Sales Rep
•  Working with Clients, Internal Employees and Key Executives
•  Market Research
•  Transferring Accounts Without Tears
•  Working with Challenging Salespeople
•  Building an Effective Sales Compensation Program

About the Author

Terry A. Nagi is president of Terry A. Nagi & Associates (Washington, DC) founded in 1983. This marketing consultancy deals exclusively with the printing/graphic communications industries, providing pragmatic, application oriented strategic and tactical direction on various subjects.

He is a regular contributor for Printing Impressions, NAPL’s Printing Manager, Instant and Small Commercial Printer, Printing News, Graphic Communications World, Imaging, Dealer Communications, Australian Printer, New Zealand Printer, Singapore Printer, Worldwide Printer, Canadian Printer, Print & Graphics, and more. He is a much sought after lecturer by printing trade associations including PIA, NAPL, NAQP, PIRA (UK), PINZ, PISingapore, PI of Australia, PI of Scotland and others.

He is also author of the every three-year definitive report on Sales Compensation in the Printing Industry; Customer Service Responsibilities and Compensation; a Sales Management Compensation in the Printing Industry as well as Top Management Compensation in the Printing Industry. He has published several books providing skills enhancement for sales and customer service representatives.

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