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Screen Printing Primer

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Diversity, flexibility, quality, uniqueness.

These are but a few of the terms that define screen printing’s role in the graphic communications industry.

Samuel Ingram applies his years of experience in this book to offer insight into the industry, the process, and the components that combine to highlight screen printing as a manufacturing process responsive to consumer needs.
The book is written for the general reader who would like to understand the current technology, processes, and terminology associated with screen printing.

A glossary of commonly used terms is provided, along with more than 50 illustrations that serve to clarify concepts and provide visual reference to technical concepts.
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Table Of Contents

•   Foreword
•   Preface
•   The Printing Processes
•   The Screen Printing Industry
•   Artwork
•   Color Reproduction
•   The Image Carrier
•   Presses and Drying Equipment
•   Substrates and Inks
•   Process Control
•   Finishing
•   Screen Printing Innovations
•   Glossary
•   Index

About the Author

Dr. Samuel T. Ingram is a professor of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, where he has been a faculty member for thirteen years.

He has held membership in a number of technical and trade associations, including the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Screen Graphics and Imaging Association, Gravure Association of America, Flexographic Technical Association, International Graphic Arts Education Association, and Southeast Prepress Association.

Dr. Ingram has served a term on the board of directors for TAGA and numerous technical committees in other organizations, including the United States Technical Advisory Group. He received the Mentor Award from the Screen Printing Association International (now SGIA) in 1988.

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