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Process Controls Primer

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Printers have always had to deal with issues such as “Why is the color so inconsistent on these printed sheets?” and, “The color on the press sheet doesn’t match the proof.”
However, the only way to reproduce color more accurately and consistently is by applying process controls.

The chapters in this Process Controls Primer break down the various production steps so you may analyze your production workflow and identify problem areas and their causes.

By making the processes, tools, and measurements defined here a part of your workflow, you will gain more control of the entire color reproduction process.
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Table Of Contents

•  Introduction to Process Control
•  What You Should Know About Color
•  Guidelines for Print
•  Benchmarking Your Scanner
•  Color Separation
•  Consistency in Proofing
•  Consistency in CTP
•  Consistency on Press
•  Bringing It All Together

About the Author

Joseph Marin, the author of several books published by PIA/GATFPress, is the senior prepress technologist/instructor for the Center for Digital Excellence, an electronic prepress training and production facility at PIA/GATF.

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