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Printing Estimating Primer

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More than just outlining specifications and costs, the estimator must also have a firm understanding of and plan for the complexities of the pressrun.

Printing Estimating Primer explores this wide range of considerations, as well as digital presswork and estimating software, to provide a comprehensive overview of estimating.

Filling the text with forms and tables, Don Merit not only explains the basic principles of estimating but also provides samples to help an estimator perform the job more effectively.
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Table Of Contents

•   Never Underestimate Your Estimator
•   The Best Way to Run a Job
•   Planning Jobs from Back to Front
•   Finding the Best Sheet Size
•   Determining Paper Waste — How Much Will It Cost?
•   The Cost of Traditional Prepress
•   Calculating the Cost of Electronic Prepress
•   The Cost of Presswork
•   Estimating the Lithographic Inks
•   The Cost of Guillotine Cutting
•   Estimating Buckle Folding
•   Saddle Stitching and Perfecting
•   Estimating Digital Presswork
•   Estimating Software: A Buyer’s Checklist

About the Author

Don Merit is a nationally recognized consultant in printing management, production, and estimating. He spent many years in managerial positions with some of the finest printing plants in the New York City area. During these years he worked closely with customers, designers, and salespeople helping to budget, engineer, schedule, and carry out complex printing projects.

As a director of production and estimating, he was deeply involved in the tough problems printers face every day. Since 1983, he has worked as a consultant to both commercial and in-plant printing firms in all parts of the country.

He is a non-resident consultant for the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), and a member of the Graphic Arts Advisory Network of the Association of Graphic Communications, the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area affiliate of Printing Industries of America (PIA).

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