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Gravure Primer

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From her years of experience in the gravure printing industry, Cheryl Kasunich explains the basic concepts and elements of the process in this introduction to gravure.

This book is written for the general reader who would like to understand the current technology, processes, and terminology associated with gravure printing.

A glossary of commonly used terms is provided, along with drawings and photos that provide visual reference to technical concepts. 
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Table Of Contents

•  The Printing Processes
•  Definition of Gravure
•  Gravure Products and Markets
•  The Image Carrier
•  Cylinder Engraving
•  Gravure Presses
•  Ink Transfer and Drying
•  The Doctor Blade
•  The Impression Roller
•  Substrates
•  Inks and Solvents
•  Art and Copy Preparation
•  Glossary

About the Author

Cheryl L. Kasunich is a former executive vice president of the Gravure Association of America. Since 1978 she has been employed in the gravure industry, holding positions in purchasing and materials management, production management, environmental compliance, product development, marketing and sales.

A native of Pittsburgh, she received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh and has pursued graduate studies in human resource management and public management.

She has taught purchasing and materials management for Duquesne University and Penn State University. Kasunich is the publisher and co-author of the textbook Gravure: Process and Technology as well as numerous publications on gravure technology and purchasing and materials management.

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