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Digital Prepress Primer

Digital Prepress Primer

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Keeping up with all of the changes in prepress is an ongoing battle for everyone involved in print production.

This book is designed to give the reader a straightforward reference to the new technologies used in prepress.

It provides a short, illustrated, non-technical orientation to digital prepress along with a glossary of basic terms.
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The primer is divided into the following four main sections:

• Job creation (design, typography, color specification, DTP software)

• Digital image capture and reproduction (color theory and reproduction, image files, color management)

• Job engineering (workflow, image file formats, preflighting)

• Digital output (PostScript, trapping, imposition, quality control)

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About the Author

Joseph Marin, the author of several books published by PIA/GATFPress, is the senior prepress technologist/instructor for the Center for Digital Excellence, an electronic prepress training and production facility at PIA/GATF.

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