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Sales Compensation Plans: Samples from the Industry, 2013 Edition

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Sales Compensation Plans: 
Samples from the Industry, 2013 Edition
Printing Industries of America Human Relations Department

This publication was developed as a result of numerous requests from our members for additional information about sales compensation plans. Our previous efforts, Sales Compensation and Incentive Plans: Samples from the Industry (2001) andIncentive, Bonus, and Recognition Plans from the Printing Industry (2004), are both still available and contain interesting approaches to sales compensation that may be useful to the reader when designing their company’s sales compensation plan.

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The contents of this book come from member companies who participated in a fall 2012 survey, which collected sales compensation plans from the industry. It is not meant to be used in determining trends in compensation, but rather the reader should use it as a guide for creating or modifying his or her company’s compensation plans.

This edition of sales compensation plans come from a variety of companies from the printing industry and include various ancillary services. However, specific breakouts in compensation and incentives are not the norm. Plan features include:

  • New business incentives
  • Year-end and monthly bonus types
  • Value-added and gross sales commissions
  • Gross margin
  • Target selling price

Table Of Contents

Plan 1: Draw Against Commission, Value-Added, Year-end Bonus

Plan 2: Step Commission, Monthly Commission Bonus, New Business Incentive, Year-end Bonus

Plan 3: Base + Commission, Value-Added, New Account Incentive

Plan 4: Value-Added, New Account Incentive .

Plan 5: Gross Sales, Monthly Bonus

Plan 6: Sliding Scale Based on Targeted Selling Price

Plan 7: Value-Added, Web Offset, Flexography

Plan 8: Regional Sales Manager, Web Offset, Flexography

Plan 9: Gross Margin, Digital Printing

Plan 10: Value-Added, Base + Commission, Sheetfed, Digital Printing

Plan 11: Conventional and Digital Print, Value-Added, Bonus, Sheetfed, Digital Printing

Appendix: Sample Sales Compensation Policy for Employers in, or Operating in, California

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