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The Inkjet Edge - How to Transition Your Business to Inkjet

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The Inkjet Edge – How to Transition Your Business to Inkjet” is a comprehensive, robust resource for those preparing a transition to production inkjet technologies.

The book, a collection of the learning, know-how, and recommendations of Canon Solutions America customers, its solution partners, leading industry analysts, and production inkjet experts, provides guiding principles and best practices for those looking to optimize their work and explore the scope of inkjet technologies.

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As the emergence of inkjet technology continues its rise, the need for an updated and all-encompassing resource was apparent. With the knowledge that more businesses are becoming interested in the emergence of production inkjet technology, “The Inkjet Edge” is dedicated to companies that are investigating a transition to these technologies, but also for those that have already done so and are seeking ways to make their transition even more successful.

“One of the key objectives of thINK is to provide an educational forum that enables our members to share best practices and learn from each other, industry leaders, and solution partners,” said Mark DeBoer, President of the thINK board and Director of Customer Experience at Darwill. “This book captures the knowledge and insights of some of the most successful inkjet service providers in the country. We hope it will be an excellent resource for the print industry.”

Created in collaboration between thINK and Canon Solutions America, “The Inkjet Edge” was developed as a tool to continue educating the market on the benefits of production inkjet technology. With the dynamic opportunities and flexibility that advancements in inkjet have brought to the industry, the two partners were eager to produce a resource that will help push the momentum of inkjet throughout the print landscape.

The book is a comprehensive collection of inkjet related topics including:

  • Production inkjet opportunity
  • Inkjet justification process
  • Data-driven marketing messages
  • Paper and the impact of ink
  • Finishing
  • Workflow integration
  • Organizational effects of inkjet
  • Application opportunities, and much more.

“We believe production inkjet technology provides a competitive edge for our customers,” said Francis A. McMahon, senior vice president, Marketing and Sales Operations, Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America. McMahon, a thINK Board Member, went on to say, “By enabling new users to learn from those who have already made a successful transition to production inkjet technology, we hope to help their businesses flourish and their clients’ satisfaction to grow.”

“This book would not have been possible without the dedication and active support of many print service providers who use Océ production inkjet presses, industry analysts, and Canon Solutions America solution partners,” added DeBoer. “This uniquely beneficial resource is a reflection of the valued relationship we [thINK] and Canon Solutions America share. From the beginning, the collaborative approach allowed us to fully leverage our resources and produce the best book possible. The result is the “Inkjet Edge,” and we truly look forward to sharing it with the industry.”

Table Of Contents

Introduction - The Production Inkjet Opportunity — What's all the Buzz About?

Chapter 1 - The Justification Process

Chapter 2 - Data-Driven Marketing Messages — in Color and Monochrome

Chapter 3 - Making the Transition — What You Should Know

Chapter 4 - Paper, the First Color — and the Impact of Ink

Chapter 5 - The Finishing Touch

Chapter 6 - Integrate Your Workflow

Chapter 7 - The Organizational Effects of Inkjet

Chapter 8 - Application Opportunities — Inkjet's Value Proposition

Chapter 9 - Data-Driven Messaging — What's the Return on Investment?

Chapter 10 - Lessons Learned

Chapter 11 - Final Words



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