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The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet

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Production inkjet has many speed, productivity, and flexibility advantages, but it is different than both offset and digital color toner devices.

This educational resource covers topics such as: 

  • inkjet media and inks
  • design software settings
  • file preparation
  • questions designers should ask their print providers
  • and more!
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Rather than learning how to optimize work for production inkjet printers by trial and error, this “how to” guide provides the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to get the best results every time. Authored by inkjet industry experts Elizabeth Gooding and Mary Schilling, this educational resource will help print providers get “clean files” from their customers plus help designers “design with inkjet in mind” to achieve consistent quality results and unlock the potential of production inkjet platforms. It covers topics such as inkjet media and inks, design software settings, file preparation, and questions designers should ask their print providers.

Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has published the “Designers’ Guide to Inkjet,” a comprehensive resource for agency and in-house designers looking to optimize their work for high-speed, production inkjet technologies. A compendium of information, the Guide consists of guiding principles, best practices, and real-world recommendations related to the exciting world of inkjet. Included is practical information on inks, media, color gamut values, and more.

Recognizing that most designers have had less exposure to production inkjet technology than to traditional offset or digital, Canon Solutions America assembled a team of the best and brightest in the inkjet space to develop the most relevant and up-to-date resource for the designer community. Written by Elizabeth Gooding of Insight Forums and Mary Schilling of Schilling Inkjet Consulting, the Guide is the latest in a series of Canon Solutions America’s initiatives centered on boosting customers’ profitability.

“At Canon Solutions America, we're committed to developing industry-leading resources that help ensure the success of our customers and our customers’ clients,” said Francis A. McMahon, vice president, Marketing, Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America. “‘The Designers’ Guide for Inkjet’ will help create a more seamless workflow between an agency or in-house designer and a printer, thus increasing profitability for everyone involved.”

Robust Reception

The designer and agency community has wholeheartedly embraced the Guide, excited to have such a wealth of valuable information at their fingertips.

“The designer plays an integral role in making sure that a given print piece is optimized for production on high-speed inkjet equipment,” said Dave Johannes, vice president, Digital Print and Mailing Operations at IWCO Direct, a direct mail marketing agency based in Chanhassen, Minnesota. “With the publication of the ‘Designers’ Guide to Inkjet,’ Canon Solutions America has given the designer community—and the printers they serve—an invaluable guide for choosing the right colors, images, sheets, and finishing techniques for today’s inkjet technology.”

“Never before has anyone provided reference materials as detailed, thoughtful, or comprehensive as this,” said Jared Johnson, designer, IWCO Direct. “Throughout the document, there is clear definition for terminology used by industry professionals and specialists, careful thought to the explanation of complex processes and procedures, and trouble-shooting tactics for avoiding catastrophic issues when collaborating with your printer.”

"I am impressed with how simply the ink jet process is described and the clarity that is brought to the various production considerations of ink jet. Thank you for putting the effort to make this available to the graphic design community at large and to be honest our own individuals within the print industry. Thank you!" said Mark DeBoer, Darwill.

Designer's Guide to Inkjet was also recently awarded 1st honorable mention for the coveted Xplor Application of the Year Award, presented to an individual, a company or an organization to recognize outstanding achievement in the imaginative application of current technology and/or unique implementation of existing document and communication systems.

Printed using the robust Océ inkjet technologies available from Canon Solutions America, the Guide serves as a real-life sample of what can be accomplished when all its tenets are adhered to, as it was produced in accordance with the recommendations contained within its 11 chapters.

Table Of Contents

1. Welcome to the World of Inkjet

2. Getting the Most Out of CMYK

3. The Power of the Drop

4. The Production Process

5. You and Your Print Provider -- Working in Harmony

6. Media is Your Canvas -- Choose Wisely

7. The Power of Profiling

8. Designing for Inkjet -- The Elements of Design

9. Packaging Files for Production

10. Applying Inkjet to Your Portfolio




About the Authors

Elizabeth Gooding lives in Newtown, Massachusetts where she delights in making the business world more interesting, enjoyable, and efficient. As a master of many creative endeavors and a natural problem solver, Elizabeth is driven to improve experiences and outcomes. She has applied her golden touch professionally to designing, writing, public speaking, management consulting and cooking.

Ms. Gooding is the President of Insight Forums and its subsidiary Gooding Communications Group. She is known as a "Curious Consultant and Professional Problem Solver" and is widely sought after for her down to earth approach towards highly complex business communications and process design initiatives.

While dedicated to the improvement of seemingly pedestrian communications such as statements, bills, policies and other regulated customer communications, she raises those endeavors to a strategic level - allowing enterprises to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their communications initiatives.

Nurturing the evolution of production inkjet platforms and evangelizing for inkjet-friendly design is just one of the ways she has helped raise the business communications bar. As an advisor to the Inkjet Summit and through numerous inkjet related engagements she has helped companies to intelligently enter the world of production inkjet printing with eyes wide open.

Over the past twenty years, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to implement major design and automation projects for many of the world's leading brands in finance, healthcare, telecommunications and insurance. While she was the editor of E.Bill Magazine in the nascent stages of the e-delivery market and continues to be a strong proponent of multi-channel marketing, printing is her touchstone.

She would also want you to know that she has a B.S. in Economics from Northeastern University, has owned and sold successful businesses, is a certified design and print geek, loves a colorful world and has a quirky sense of humor that is dryer than ink on a page.

Mary Schilling can be found in the tiny town of Fountaintown, Indiana surrounded by 500 acres of corn, her husband Randy, son Christopher, and an accident-prone Labrador retriever named Max. Mary is the CEO of Schilling Inkjet Consulting and has been dubbed the "Inkjet Genie" by her peers.

Mary's infatuation with print began while running conventional offset in vocational school. She continued developing the craft of creative designer while attending Heron School of Art as a Visual Communications major and working for a Fortune 200 packaging company whose clients included some of the top alcohol, junk food and agricultural producers.

Realizing she enjoyed playing with moving objects more than colored markers, she rejoined the machine side of the creative industry where she began consulting with various print head, ink, RIP and machine manufactures. Mary's consulting practice initially focused on UV and aqueous color and print quality for label and commercial markets to ensure the new wave of single pass and flatbed industrial inkjet devices were simple and easy to use by printers. She received several awards for the development of an Internet package printing process called Package Genie.

Over the past decade, Mary has aspired to improve application and communication within the inkjet industry. Working with designers, prepress professionals, pressman and sales organizations, Mary's down to earth training and whimsical spirit has eliminated drama from many inkjet installations and ensured that print quality and color implementation was synchronized across print devices. For Mary G7 is a methodology, a mantra and a way of life.

Despite her own accolades such as winning 1st Place Innovator of the Year Award -- XPlor International, 2nd Place Innovator of the Year -- Association of Integrated Corrugated Converters for Package Genie and JetPak inkjet packaging process, the achievement she is most proud of is her son Christopher.

Look for her as Advisory Council Member for the Inkjet Summit as well as a public speaker at various print trade shows and a blogger for Printing Impressions magazine. 

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